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English Learners and the CCSS

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English Learners and the CCSS series examines how to support English learners for academic success when implementing the Common Core State Standards and California English Language Development Standards.
• Designed for teachers and administrators
• Integrates standards with interdisciplinary approach
• Includes classroom strategies to promote English learner success

Let's Get Started with CA's ELD Standards

• Understand the background and design of the 2012 CA English Language Development (ELD) Standards
• Explore the key shifts from the 1999 ELD standards to the 2012 ELD standards
• Learn about the organization and structure of the 2012 ELD standards
• Examine grade level ELD standards

Let's Talk

• Examine the language expectations in the Speaking and Listening strand of the CCSS for ELA
• Explore the ELD standards that support the language expectations in the CCSS
• Identify why collaborative conversations are important for English learners' (ELs) success
• Learn instructional routines that promote collaborative conversations
• Connect to the classroom

Let's Talk Some More

• Examine the speaking and listening demands in CCSS Mathematics
• Identify the language challenges for ELs in mathematics
• Explore structured tasks that support ELs to engage in rich, academic discourse in mathematics

These courses are available for delivery. $25-$50 per participant per topic. Fee includes materials and varies based upon individual district needs.

For more information or to schedule an event at your site or district, contact:

Monica Abeyta
(916) 228-2559